maszynaPPHU Kadar was established in 1998. We deal with manufacture of decorative and usable wares which are ornamented by computer embroidery. We make embroidered towels, cushions, rolls and pillowslips.
Apart from our proposal within the scope of ornamenting products, we also realise Customers’ individual requests concerning the colour scheme and the contents of embroidery.

Our towel offer deserves particular attention.
The towels are made of 100% cotton with the basis weight of 420g/m2 and 500g/m2. Owing to the raw materials used, the product offered is characterised by the highest quality cotton and the towels are fluffy, soft and absorb water well. An additional advantage of our products is a decorative element. We sell the towel sets in a very attractive form – in the shape of layer cakes, rolls ornamented with a convex embroidery resembling icing, candies and bouquets. This causes that our wares are a perfect idea for an elegant, original and at the same time useful present for every single occasion.

The embroidered cushions with a plush pillowslip and silicone filling are decorated with embroidery or a colourful appliqué motif. Such embroidered cushions are a perfect present for children and the materials used will cause that they will become children’s favourite cuddly toy.

Attention to the aesthetic appearance of the products offered is crowned with of a manner of wrapping the wares. You receive a ready-made and beautifully wrapped gift, which is ornamented with additional elements, such as tiny flowers, pearls, ribbons, and the like, that you may give to somebody.
In case of a shipment, each product is highly precisely packed into a cardboard box which protects it during transportation.

For further details concerning the products offer, please go to our Offer section. Offer.
Depending on the preferences, the gift addressee or the occasion, in our offer there is a little something for everyone.

Due to the fact that our company listens intently to market demands and continuously develops, we will appreciate your opinions, remarks and suggestions concerning our products. Please fill out the form below.
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