Candies made of towels

We offer you high quality single towels of the basis weight 420g/m2, which are available in the following sizes: 50×100 cm and 70×140 cm, and are packed in the shape of a candy.
Such towel may be an original present replacing bouquets of flowers given due to Valentine’s Day, name days, birthdays, anniversaries, a stag night, a hen party, weddings, National Grandparents’ Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the like. We use very wide fonts to embroider. Different colours of towels are available.

On our products we create individual inscriptions, e.g. dates, names and also other contents in accordance with the customer’s request.

In case of a shipment, each product is highly precisely packed into a cardboard box which protects it during transportation.