Wedding offer

Wedding ceremonies become embedded in our memories. We often think about a present which is usable and simultaneously elegant. A set of towels, which are embroidered with a gold thread, is a very good wedding present. In our offer you may find both towel sets packed into a traditional box, and sets in the shape of a layer cake or candies. White cushions, which are in the shape of a heart with golden embroidery, are a supplement to our wedding offer.

We fulfill individual orders concerning the contents of embroidery.
A set of embroidered towels packed into a box

The set consists of 2, 4 or 6 white or ecru pieces in the following sizes:

70×140 cm – 2 pieces,
50×100 cm – 2 pieces,
30×50 cm – 2 pieces.

On our products we create individual inscriptions, e.g. dates, names and also other contents in accordance with the customer’s request.

In case of a shipment, each product is highly precisely packed into a cardboard box which protects it during transportation.
Tort duży zdobiony jest haftem z dedykacją (Sto Lat Młodej Parze, Wiwat Młoda Para itp.), na dwóch ręcznikach.

Towel for wedding gift – pillows